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Our Mission Is Simply to Help Those Who Can No Longer Understand Speech With a Hearing Aid

You or a loved one or a friend has discovered it is no longer possible to comprehend speech with a hearing aid.

The ENT doctor or audiologist has suggested you might investigate a cochlear implant.

You can hear sounds but nothing makes any sense. When with friends, you sit in silence, afraid to make a statement only to be told, “We just talked about that five minutes ago.”

You might laugh at jokes when everyone is laughing but have no idea what the joke was about. You go along to get along.

When you ask people, “What did they say?” they might reply, “Never mind. It’s not important.”

You cringe from the pain of rejection.

You drift off into a sense of isolation. Social activities go by the wayside. Participating in them is too much trouble and too stressful. Phone calls have been impossible for years. You either depend upon others to make the calls for you or use captioning services that make social interaction on the phone possible but uncomfortable because of the intermediary interpreter.

We are here to tell you; those days may be over for you. Cochlear implants, may be the solution to ending all of the isolating and socially embarrassing incidents mentioned above.

Cochlear Implant Basics is exactly what the title implies. It is a guide designed for those who are just starting their investigation into the possibility of restored hearing. It is for those (and we have been in your shoes) who are clueless what questions to ask at this point. It will not be filled with medical jargon or confusing terms or explanations. Once you become familiar with the basics and if you wish to move on to the next level of research we will point the way.

Cochlear Implant Basics has been designed and written by recipients of cochlear implants not by doctors or audiologists or those involved in the sales or marketing of the various makers of cochlear implants. It is written by those who have experienced the receiving end of cochlear implant surgery and benefited from the incredible experience of restored hearing after years or decades of deafness.

It has been written with you in mind, whether it is for yourself, a loved one or a friend. We will give you the working knowledge to interact with professionals and do your own research down the road.

The Frequently Asked Questions are questions we asked at the beginning of our own journeys towards restored hearing. Attached at the end, we have included sources and methods for you to obtain more information or to leave us questions.