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Music Rehab

Learning to enjoy music through a cochlear implant is the ultimate hearing goal for almost every recipient.

We would like music to sound as natural as we remember it. The fear of having music sound “mechanical” is frequently the excuse for avoiding or delaying getting a cochlear implant. It was probably true in the early days of cochlear implants since they were and are primarily designed for speech.

Today, that misconception is just that, a misconception. For most of us, the ability to enjoy music again is within our grasp. It does require practice, patience and the use of every tool at our disposal to help our brains interpret music as we remember it.

If you are working on getting your brain to remember music as you once did, this Music Rehab section is one more tool. Along with the various music rehabilitation programs offered by the major manufacturers of cochlear implants, listening to radio or music apps, You Tube music videos (with lyrics) and a host of other techniques, music should become enjoyable once more. The complexity of music will require more time and effort than with speech. Keep your eyes on the prize.
By collaborating with the best musicians from around the world, each of whom present an example of these instruments in a solo presentation, your brain can re-learn to identify each one.

In the beginning they may sound strange. With constant repetition, just as listening to audio books, eventually recognition will emerge.

With each artist, where possible, a link, website address or search information is noted for those who wish to hear more samples.

With hundreds of musical styles to choose from, it is only the intention of this site to help you familiarize the sounds of each instrument. For those who wish to advance to the various styles of music, is recommended.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome through the CONTACT option.


Artist:Bob Fair Florida USA

More info: Search Lion Rampart Pipe and Drum


Artist:Victor Alfonzo Jimenez Argentina aka; the_vicken
More Info: Instagram


Artist:Mercedes Bralo Cisternas Argentina

More Info Facebook